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NaTech And French Industrial Facilities

NaTech and French industrial facilities

Analysis of the ARIA database shows a sharp increase in NaTech events in French industrial facilities between 2010 and 2019. NaTech accidents are technological events that have been triggered or exacerbated by intense natural phenomena, such as floods, high temperatures[...]
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High Temperatures

High temperatures

The ARIA database contains more than 300 high temperature-related events that have occurred in France. Such events affect all types of industrial facilities and occur throughout the country. This ARIA Flash features a few examples of high temperature-related events and[...]
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Controlling New Risks

Controlling new risks

According to the French Federation of Insurers, climate change, disruption of business sectors and cyber risks will be among the top three emerging risks by 2022. In parallel, the ARIA technological accidents database already contains numerous events involving emerging energy[...]
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Gaseous VCM leak at a chemical plant

VCM is a flammable and carcinogenic gas, used in liquefied and gaseous form to manufacture PVC by polymerisation in reactors. At the end of the reaction, the reactors are degassed to remove the unconverted VCM. The degassing circuit includes a[...]
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Meteorological Events Of Early 2018 In France

Meteorological events of early 2018 in France

Without trying to predict the weather for late 2018 and the seasonal storms in the Cévennes of south-central France, we note that the first half of the year was marked by a number of floods impacting factories in France. In[...]
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