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Controlling New Risks

Controlling new risks

According to the French Federation of Insurers, climate change, disruption of business sectors and cyber risks will be among the top three emerging risks by 2022. In parallel, the ARIA technological accidents database already contains numerous events involving emerging energy[...]
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Industrial Cybersecurity: Scope And Past Accidents

Industrial cybersecurity: scope and past accidents

More and more plants and factories are being automated and the amount of information being transmitted over telecommunication networks is increasing. The general consensus is that there is a risk. However, is it possible to delineate this risk and evaluate[...]
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Cybersecurity And Industry

Cybersecurity and industry

A computer attack on an industrial control system (SCI) can cause an accident or a degraded operating mode in a factory. This document, with pedagogical vocation, illustrates through examples extracted from the ARIA database some cases that could lead to[...]
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Preventing And Minimising Acts Of Malicious Intent

Preventing and minimising acts of malicious intent

Malicious acts may arise in number of ways within an industrial facility. Such acts may be perpetrated inside the company by a staff member or subcontractor. The notion of industrial facility itself perhaps needs to be broadened, especially in light[...]
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Malicious Acts: Raising Awareness To Improve Prevention

Malicious acts: Raising awareness to improve prevention

Due to the goods and products they handle or the nuisances they create, industrial sites have long been the preferred targets for those with malicious intent: 4% of accidents occurring in classified facilities involve malicious intent. In light of this[...]
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Fire At A Municipal Waste Sorting And Incineration Plant

Fire at a municipal waste sorting and incineration plant

A fire broke out at around 2:30○a.m. in a 2000○m² sorting building at a waste processing facility. The facility, which was commissioned in 2010, sits on an isolated 18○hectare plot in an industrial port area. Driven by the wind, the[...]
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Fire And Lorry Tankers Explosions

Fire and lorry tankers explosions

At 8:24 pm, a passer-by noticed a cab fire in one of the three lorry tankers in a convoy transporting liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) that were parked at the premises of a landscaping firm. The fire quickly spread and around[...]
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