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Preventing multiple failures

Since 2016, 25% of accidents in ICPEs (classified facilities for environmental protection requiring authorisation or registration), impacting people and property, have been caused by multiple failures involving equipment faults or human interventions. Most initial post-accident verifications focus on the incriminated[...]
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Industrial Cybersecurity: Scope And Past Accidents

Industrial cybersecurity: scope and past accidents

More and more plants and factories are being automated and the amount of information being transmitted over telecommunication networks is increasing. The general consensus is that there is a risk. However, is it possible to delineate this risk and evaluate[...]
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Forklifts : Be Careful, Hazardous Operations !

Forklifts : be careful, hazardous operations !

Forklifts are often used for handling operations. They allow to carry toxic, flammable, explosive and other dangerous products on pallets. Manoeuvres can lead to hazardous situation with serious consequences : pollution or contamination following a split of products, fire ignited[...]
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Accidents Related To Incorrect Circuit Positioning

Accidents related to incorrect circuit positioning

Fluid transfer is a common industrial operation. However, the incorrect positioning of transfer circuit during such operations, also referred to as poor alignment, is the cause of many accidents. This study, based on 372 events in the ARIA database, presents[...]
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Cybersecurity And Industry

Cybersecurity and industry

A computer attack on an industrial control system (SCI) can cause an accident or a degraded operating mode in a factory. This document, with pedagogical vocation, illustrates through examples extracted from the ARIA database some cases that could lead to[...]
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Early Analysis Of Technical Or Organisational Changes

Early analysis of technical or organisational changes

An early analysis of technical or organisational changes often proves to be insufficient, or overlooked altogether, resulting in numerous accidents. In many cases, it is simpler and less costly to use existing installations in order to develop or advance a[...]
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The End Of The Switched Telephone Network

The end of the switched telephone network

In an emergency situation and primarily in the event of a power outage, only switched telephone networks (PSTN) are operational. The traditional French operator’s plan to abandon these networks in 5 years time in favour of VoIP solutions should be[...]
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Accident Study Findings On Household Uses  Of Gas

Accident study findings on household uses of gas

Every year in France, many deaths and injuries result from accidents involving household uses of gas. These events, which occur in individual dwellings off the natural gas distribution networks, are caused by a wide variety of devices so common in[...]
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Floating roofs

Placed directly on the surface of the liquid, the floating roof of a storage tank allows the reduction of emission by evaporation of certain products by the gaseous sky and thus limits the chronic atmospheric pollution generated by the most[...]
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Pipes and joints

In addition to cases of mixture of incompatible products, assembly errors can also cause many leakages. This can can be due to problems with joints and fittings, in particular due to wrong technical choices or clamping errors. Do not hesitate[...]
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