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Explosion of confined vinyl chloride vapor

In a PVC plant, an MVC leak ignited causing a (UVCE-type) explosion. The plant comprised 2 production buildings, one housing a boiler room and maintenance workshop, the other the laboratory, offices and warehouse, along with a series of MVC tanks[...]
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Landslide Over A Dam

Landslide over a dam

At 10:39 pm, the landslide of a portion of Mount Toc sent 260 million m3 of earth and rock hurtling at more than 90 km/h into the full reservoir adjoining the Vajont Dam. The falling rock nearly instantaneously filled the[...]
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Chemical Factory Explosion

Chemical factory explosion

At a chemical plant, an explosion destroyed a building storing 4,500 tonnes of a 50-50 composition of ammonium sulphate-nitrate, forming a crater 90 m wide, 125 m long and 20 m deep. Shortly thereafter, a series of fires broke out[...]
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