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NaTech And French Industrial Facilities

NaTech and French industrial facilities

Analysis of the ARIA database shows a sharp increase in NaTech events in French industrial facilities between 2010 and 2019. NaTech accidents are technological events that have been triggered or exacerbated by intense natural phenomena, such as floods, high temperatures[...]
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Forklifts : Be Careful, Hazardous Operations !

Forklifts : be careful, hazardous operations !

Forklifts are often used for handling operations. They allow to carry toxic, flammable, explosive and other dangerous products on pallets. Manoeuvres can lead to hazardous situation with serious consequences : pollution or contamination following a split of products, fire ignited[...]
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Beware Of Smoke From Fire!

Beware of smoke from fire!

Whether white (rich in aerosols or water vapour), grey (a mixture of aerosols and solid particles) or black (large solid particles), the smoke released from fires presents several risks. Beyond death from intoxication, fumes are a potential health hazard owing[...]
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Pallet Fire In A Combustible Materials Warehouse

Pallet fire in a combustible materials warehouse

A fire broke out at 10:15 am in a warehouse subject to authorization (item 1510 of the nomenclature of the French classified installations) at an external storage of wooden pallets. Employees are evacuated prior to the arrival of firefighters. The[...]
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The summary of this accident has not yet been translated. In the meantime, please refer to the French summary : Vers midi, un incendie est détecté au pied d'un réservoir de liquide inflammable vidé et nettoyé, en cours de maintenance[...]
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Flooding Of A Chemical And Hydrocarbon Storage Site

Flooding of a chemical and hydrocarbon storage site

A storm surge coinciding with high tides raised the level of the Humber Estuary. The water flooded the gates of the port and filled the port to overflowing. A Seveso-classified chemical and hydrocarbon storage terminal was under 1 m of water.[...]
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Flooding Of A Chemical Storage Site

Flooding of a chemical storage site

A storm surge coinciding with high tides caused the River Tees to rise. It flowed over and eroded the dykes built to protect the local residents. A Seveso-classified port terminal containing chemicals stored in tanks was flooded 1.8 m above ordnance[...]
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Mixing of incompatible products

Transfer of chemicals between fixed and mobile tanks may cause mixtures of incompatible products. This risk is all the more pernicious as the mixture usually involves "classic" substances and widely used: bleach, acid ... This fact sheet presents some lessons[...]
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