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Facing The Recurrence : Bet On The Feedback !

Facing the recurrence : bet on the feedback !

The observation of a recurrence of certain events is too often realized. The case of fire-explosions of tanks equipped with heating devices illustrating this problem shows that it is important when faced with a given type of event to know…
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Preventing multiple failures

Since 2016, 25% of accidents in ICPEs (classified facilities for environmental protection requiring authorisation or registration), impacting people and property, have been caused by multiple failures involving equipment faults or human interventions. Most initial post-accident verifications focus on the incriminated[...]
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Automatisms Accidentology

Automatisms accidentology

As the second chapter of an accident analysis devoted to industrial automation within the ARIA base, this study presentes the main lessons drawn from a detailed analysis of 325 accidents of remote operated plant found in the base. These lessons[...]
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Accident Analysis Of Industrial Automation : Sensors

Accident analysis of industrial automation : sensors

As the first chapter of an accident analysis devoted to industrial automation within the ARIA base, this study examines in detail a selection of 345 accidents involving sensors which occurred within the sectors of Chemicals-Pharmaceuticals, Refining, Food processing and Metallurgy.
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Design, monitoring and maintenance of industrial sludge basins

Some industrial processes use retention basins to contain large quantities of sludge or effluents: residues of concentration or transformation of ores, TiO2 manufacture, phosphogypses, fine coal washing ... The combination of volume and nature of the substances retained, their toxic[...]
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Striking a balance between prevention, mitigation and intervention

Risk management stakeholders' attention is naturally focused on the identification and reduction of hazard potentials, as well as on technical and organizational measures to reduce the likelihood of accidents. Whatever the effectiveness of the latter, the risk management approach can[...]
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Risks deriving from the coexistence of automatic and manual systems

Production constraints and technological developments have favored the breakthrough of automated production systems in the industry since the early 1980s. Sometimes these modern systems still coexist with older manual devices which are maintained to allow operation in degraded mode(maintenance, shutdown,[...]
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Sensor’ malfunction

Transmitting the information needed to analyze the situation and the actions to be taken, sensors are essential components for the proper functioning of automated driving and safety systems. Their role is increasingly important in ensuring the safety of industrial sites[...]
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Are Retention Systems Passive ?

Are retention systems passive ?

While their design may be simple, tried and trusted, and they are considered, in certain cases, as "passive" systems, retention devices nevertheless require particular vigilance. The numerous accidents recorded in the ARIA database remind us a certain number of good[...]
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CO2 Extinguishing Systems

CO2 extinguishing systems

Gas-based extinguishing processes become attractive when water cannot be used (e.g. computer equipment, audio/video archives, ship engine rooms), yet the associated risks must not be underestimated, as witnessed by the example of CO2 systems.
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