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NaTech And French Industrial Facilities

NaTech and French industrial facilities

Analysis of the ARIA database shows a sharp increase in NaTech events in French industrial facilities between 2010 and 2019. NaTech accidents are technological events that have been triggered or exacerbated by intense natural phenomena, such as floods, high temperatures[...]
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Lessons learnt from accidents in the fireworks sector

This document presents the conclusions of an analysis conducted on 322 accidents (104 in France, 218 in other countries) extracted from the ARIA database. For each stage of the fireworks process (manufacturing, storage, use, transport and disposal) major causes and[...]
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Fireworks Accidents Analysis

Fireworks accidents analysis

As an expression of festivities, fireworks must however not be perceived as inoffensive or devoid of risks. Fired for hundreds of years, some fireworks today can be directly used by the general public, which has given rise to the need[...]
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Accidents In Small Fireworks Warehouses

Accidents in small fireworks warehouses

Two serious accidents that recently occurred in France along with others from the more distant past recall the risks associated with handling fireworks in small warehouses or shops, as well as the need to respect pertinent basic workplace rules.
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Firework Shows

Firework shows

Several recent accidents in France (along with others dating further back) have recalled that the handling of fireworks in small warehouses, depots, during the preparation or execution of fireworks shows, carry risks that must be prevented at least through regulatory[...]
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