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Accidents At Crop-growing And Livestock-rearing Businesses

Accidents at crop-growing and livestock-rearing businesses

For many years, the farming sector has accounted for nearly 10% of accidents at French classified facilities for environmental protection recorded by BARPI in its ARIA database. From 2009 to 2021, this synthesis covers 1,259 events at crop-growing and livestock-rearing[...]
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NaTech And French Industrial Facilities

NaTech and French industrial facilities

Analysis of the ARIA database shows a sharp increase in NaTech events in French industrial facilities between 2010 and 2019. NaTech accidents are technological events that have been triggered or exacerbated by intense natural phenomena, such as floods, high temperatures[...]
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So What Feedback Is Available On Conveyor Accidents?

So what feedback is available on conveyor accidents?

Conveyors or elevators are used in many agricultural and industrial activities. An analysis of the accidents recorded in the ARIA database shows that this type of equipment is regularly involved in accidents involving fire and explosions. The purpose of this summary[...]
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The Manufacture Of Vegetable Oils: A Risky Activity

The manufacture of vegetable oils: a risky activity

The accident that occurred in Dieppe, France, on 17 February 2018, reminds us that the process of manufacturing vegetable oil is not without risk. Although in the present case the explosion was located in the vegetable oil extractor, the many[...]
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Conveyor Belt Fires: Are The Standards Being Met?

Conveyor belt fires: Are the standards being met?

Conveyor belts used to handle organic materials must meet standards defined by various French ministerial orders .These texts indicate that conveyor belts must comply with standard NF EN ISO 340 or standards NF EN 12881-1 and NF EN 12881-2 (self-extinguishing[...]
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The summary of this accident has not yet been translated. In the meantime, please refer to the French summary : Vers 9h20, une explosion suivie d'une deuxième plus violente surviennent dans un silo contenant 24 500 t de maïs. Deux[...]
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Anticipating Emergency Response Difficulties

Anticipating emergency response difficulties

The handling of an industrial accident is often rife with obstacles, e.g. water supply constraints, inappropriate response protocol in light of product properties, inefficient information provided by bystanders... 6.5% of all accidents recorded at France's classified sites have experienced major[...]
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