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What is ARIA?

The ARIA (Analysis, Research and Information on Accidents) database catalogues incidents or accidents that were, or could have been, deleterious to human health, public safety or the environment. These events stem from:

  • activities carried out at plants, workshops, warehouses, construction sites, quarries, breeding farms, etc. cited in legislation specific to Classified Facilities;
  • transport of hazardous materials by rail, road, river/canal or sea;
  • gas distribution and use;
  • operations of pressurised equipment;
  • mines and underground storage facilities;
  • dykes and dams.

ARIA has inventoried over 46,000 accidents and incidents occurring in France or abroad. Some 1,200 new events are added to the data base each year.

Primary information sources

The objective of this tool is to expand and render more reliable the data made available to the public through diverse sources of information:

  • Emergency services contribute valuable lessons regarding the kinetic sequences of how accident situations arise and the difficulties encountered during their response;
  • Environmental Inspection Authorities seek to identify accident causes;
  • The media offers insight into the public’s reaction;
  • Professional bodies and foreign correspondents add elements that serve to corroborate the information already collected.

The information collected

Circumstances, outcomes, accident causes, response protocols and measures adopted to avoid repeat accidents and minimise consequences: the ARIA database constitutes a “living memory” of an accident’s history.

It is always possible to enhance this database thanks to fresh information obtained on the accident records.

Note: The ARIA database is not intended to be exhaustive: only those accidents / incidents that showcase experience feedback as a risk prevention and mitigation tool are compiled in ARIA. The criteria used to select the events to catalogue are continuously being updated, in keeping up with new technologies. Nonetheless, it became standard practice a few years ago to systematically inventory accidents occurring at high-risk facilities or with fatalities at any classified facility.

Advisory : This website presents a catalogue of industrial / technological accidents and incidents occurring in France and abroad. Its basic objective is to showcase experience feedback as a risk prevention tool. It is not intended to be exhaustive.

Should you notice any important inaccuracies, errors or omissions despite the care taken during data recording and analysis, please feel free to notify us of complementary details or point out possible anomalies at the following address: ; be sure to indicate your sources.

The accident / incident summary recording and publication process

schéma saisie - analyse -mise en ligne des accidents