A dust explosion followed by fire occurred at 4:10 pm on the filter bag of a forklift inside a silo’s handling tower. The installations were shut down and emergency services notified. Fire-fighters arrived on the site at 4:30 pm and had the fire extinguished in 2 hours using 3 variable flow nozzles (one mounted on a ladder) delivering 250 litres/min. They proceeded with a thorough site monitoring and completed their intervention by 11 pm. No injuries were reported. The explosion vents on the filter had opened normally and the tower’s metal cladding had not deteriorated. Property damage was valued at €218,000. The repeated friction of buckets against the forklift casing after a strap was offset, caused the hotspot that eventually led to deflagration in the dust removal facility. Subsequent to this accident, strap offset controls were introduced on all forklifts.