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Capture_agitateur_filmHow does a technically insignificant incident turn into a media frenzy? This new film, produced by the BARPI, explains the sequence of malfunctions that led to the release of a highly olfactory component. A timeline presents how the media crisis gains momentum. Discover the experience of those who witnessed the crisis first hand and the lessons learnt from the event through numerous interviews.

Download the full movie (24 minutes)

Download the movie by chapter, according to your centres of interest :

  • Chapter 1 : Technical description of the accident : Download Chapter 1 (8 minutes)
  • Chapter 2 : Measures taken and analysis of underlying causes : Download Chapter 2 (4 minutes)
  • Chapter 3 : Crisis management and media implications : Download Chapter 3 (5 minutes)
  • Chapter 4 : Lessons learnt from the crisis by those who handled it : Download Chapter 4 (4 minutes)
  • Chapter 5 : Lessons learnt from the crisis by the administration and the profession : Download Chapter 5 (3 minutes)

A high definition version of the video can be sent to you by simple request at the following email address: