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Share and make use of experience feedback

It is essential to publicize widely the lessons learned from analyzing industrial accidents and incidents in order to develop measures for preventing technological risks. In this respect, both positive and negative experience should be shared and exploited more effectively so that the safety of facilities can be continuously improved. Better sharing and use of experience feedback makes it possible to reduce costs and achieve faster progress. The information already available offers attractive prospects for progress in preventing risks.

Our society is fully justified in demanding safety and transparency. Since June 2001 professionals and the general public have been able to access the results of analysis of technological accidents on this website The main sections of the website have been available in English since 2005.

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A considerable proportion of the website is devoted to accident reports, which are essential for all measures based on experience feedback. The proven or presumed causes, circumstances, sequence of events, consequences, action taken and lessons drawn are all provided.

Two hundred or so detailed and illustrated data sheets present accidents that have been selected as particularly informative. Numerous analyses are also available by theme and industrial sector. The section providing technical recommendations offers various themes including warehouses, surface treatment, fine chemistry, storage and incineration of waste. A multisearch engine offers information on accidents in France and abroad.

Like the ARIA database, is continually being updated. Details of over 42,000 accidents are now available online and new analyses will be added regularly dealing with specific themes. This information is intended for use in studies by those who are directly concerned or are merely interested, such as manufacturers, employees, engineering and design departments, experts, the inspectorate for classified facilities, town planning departments, the emergency and civil defence services, elected representatives, residents, associations and the press.

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