A small leak was noticed during transfer operations on a railcar containing 75 m³ of LPG. 1 of the 2 technicians on duty attempted to close the valves using a tool made of aluminium, which may have been the cause of the ensuing gas ignition. He was burned alive, while the other, who sustained serious burns, sounded the alarm. Fire-fighters did not arrive until 25 min later. Tremendous flames emanated from the railcar. Fire-fighters tried to cool the car, but their efforts proved insufficient, resulting in a BLEVE-type vapour explosion. Half the car was projected 365 m. A fireball 45 m to 60 m in diameter could be seen. 5 buildings caught on fire. 12 fire-fighters were burned to death, and 95 injuries were reported. Burning debris ignited a plant, restaurant and store (domino effect). The fires were brought under control after an 8-hour fight.