During the night, a storm adversely affected a SEVESO-rated pyrotechnic facility. Isolated from the outside world by virtue of downed telephone and electrical lines, the site guardian notified on-call managers as of 6:30 am thanks to an emergency phone installed in the site’s reception area. At 7:30 am, an initial diagnostic allowed eliminating all possibility of a high-risk situation that would have necessitated calling for external reinforcements: it was concluded that no physical danger existed for either the site’s personnel or neighbouring residences, as well as no risk of soil or atmospheric pollution. An action plan was implemented. The personnel, with support provided by specialised technical units, performed a number of operations, including: transfer of pyrotechnic products to the buildings still intact, repackaging of products exposed to the foul weather event yet still free of damage, separate storage of all degraded products (with the intention of their subsequent destruction), protection of some buildings slightly affected by strong wind gusts through the placement of tarps, service start-up of the site’s electrical and phone lines, and backup guardian services retained for the time required to reset building anti-intrusion systems. No redundancies in personnel were anticipated.