A fire broke out in a recent 1,400 m² agricultural building storing around fifty bales of straw; 70 cattle were found dead. One person was injured. The intervention involved around twenty fire-fighters and 8 vehicles throughout the day. The gendarmerie (French military police) carried out an investigation to determine the causes of the fire. On 24 May, in the part of the building that had burned down, the inspection authorities for classified facilities reported the presence of a water-logged storage area with 65 t of hay, alfalfa, partially burned straw and cattle body parts, underneath the collapsed roof. The sheet metal, beams and insulation boards were in a tangled heap. Other piles of similar materials releasing foul-smelling fumes were stored outside. On 4 June, on the recommendations of the inspection authorities for classified facilities, the Prefect of Cantal prescribed an emergency order imposing removal of the waste resulting from the fire and its disposal in a suitable facility. On 17 June, the inspection authorities reported that the waste containing the body parts had been sent to a waste landfill site, for which the Departmental Directorate for Agriculture and Forests had issued a favourable opinion. The other waste stored on an isolated plot of land (manure, straw and fodder) could be spread after a maturing period of at least 3 months.