At a petrol station in mid-afternoon, a fuel nozzle separates from the pump hose while a customer is pumping fuel. The customer does think to immediately return the nozzle to the pump in order to stop the flow of fuel, and petrol spills onto the ground. An attendant comes to his assistance and places the nozzle back in the pump. Sixty litres of petrol have spilled onto the ground and into the pipes connected to the fuel tank. When the station managers arrive, the safety of the station is ensured. Absorbent product is placed on the ground and a private company is brought in to clean up the product. After this incident, it is decided that users must be reminded of how to stop the pumps (by returning the nozzle to its hook on the pump) and that the condition of the hoses must be visually checked every morning. All the hoses are checked by the maintenance company. The oil pipes and separator are cleaned as well.