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Controlling New Risks

Controlling new risks

  • Fact sheet
According to the French Federation of Insurers, climate change, disruption of business sectors and cyber risks will be among the top three emerging risks by 2022. In parallel, the ARIA technological accidents database already contains numerous events involving emerging energy[...]
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The Manufacture Of Vegetable Oils: A Risky Activity

The manufacture of vegetable oils: a risky activity

  • Study
The accident that occurred in Dieppe, France, on 17 February 2018, reminds us that the process of manufacturing vegetable oil is not without risk. Although in the present case the explosion was located in the vegetable oil extractor, the many[...]
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Hazardous Waste: Beware Of Incompatibilities!

Hazardous waste: beware of incompatibilities!

  • Flash
Accidents caused by incompatible mixtures are not limited to newly-produced chemicals! The end of their life cycle can also be a source of risk. Several recent events in France and abroad confirm this, sometimes with dramatic consequences. This flash focusses[...]
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Forklifts : Be Careful, Hazardous Operations !

Forklifts : be careful, hazardous operations !

  • Flash
Forklifts are often used for handling operations. They allow to carry toxic, flammable, explosive and other dangerous products on pallets. Manoeuvres can lead to hazardous situation with serious consequences : pollution or contamination following a split of products, fire ignited[...]
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Conveyor Belt Fires: Are The Standards Being Met?

Conveyor belt fires: Are the standards being met?

  • Flash
Conveyor belts used to handle organic materials must meet standards defined by various French ministerial orders .These texts indicate that conveyor belts must comply with standard NF EN ISO 340 or standards NF EN 12881-1 and NF EN 12881-2 (self-extinguishing[...]
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Used Lithium Batteries Are Not Ordinary Waste!

Used lithium batteries are not ordinary waste!

  • Flash
The performance of lithium batteries and storage cells has expanded their areas of technical application (telephony, computers, electric vehicles, rechargeable hybrids and electric bicycles). This development is now resulting in an increase in the number of batteries and storage cells[...]
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Video “From Incident To Media Crisis”

Video “From incident to media crisis”

  • Movie
How does a technically insignificant incident turn into a media frenzy? This new film, produced by the BARPI, explains the sequence of malfunctions that led to the release of a highly olfactory component. A timeline presents how the media crisis[...]
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  • Accident report
The summary of this accident has not yet been translated. In the meantime, please refer to the French summary : Vers 9h20, une explosion suivie d'une deuxième plus violente surviennent dans un silo contenant 24 500 t de maïs. Deux[...]
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