A natural gas leak was reported in the city center around 11:30 am on a water network. Emergency services set up a security perimeter and conduct reconnaissance , when an explosion 45 minutes later damaged several buildings. Fire reached the buildings near the site of the explosion before spreading to other buildings. The intervention mobilized 180 firefighters and 300 police officers. The gas leak is no longer supplied to 2:15 p.m.
Between 500 and 1,000 people were evacuated , including childrens, school’s staff and day care nursery. 38 residents were temporarily housed in a nearby gym. A young firefighter was killed and forty wounded is reported. Judicial and administrative investigations are conducted to determine the circumstances and causes of the tragedy . On 30 /06 , 7 people were evacuated preventively in a building that might collapse located in front of the explosion’s site. Premises are still inhabited in 2012.
An instruction for involuntary homicide and injuries and destruction of property by explosive substance is opened against X after the accident. It will include hearings of stakeholders : gas services and water companies in charge of road works.
The judicial investigation ends on 06/01/2010 . Several indictments were handed down in the case : the operator of the gas network , public works companies and the water company In order to be referred to the Criminal Court dated 24/11/2011 , the magistrate said that the responsibility for the explosion are numerous. The tragic accident can not be blamed for the action of a single company. A combination of negligence, carelessness and a breach of a regulatory requirement led to the leak and explosion. Each company will be deemed “legal person” represented by its leader.
Following the trial, which was held in early 2014, the criminal court of Lyon delivered its judgment on 16.06.2014. Companies that were considered for manslaughter are relaxed. The construction company that damaged the gas network is nevertheless ordered to pay more than 70,000 euros to the victims and relatives of victims.

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