A ship was unloading its cargo into a tank located in a petroleum depot. The handling operations were being carried out normally for the transfer. Suddenly, a warning alarm signalled that the first tank was nearly full. As the operator in charge was occupied with other tasks, the alarm went unnoticed: he thus did not switch over the valves in time. As a result, 5 m³ of diesel fuel (3 m³ inside the walls and 2 m³ outside, on the ground) spilled into the tank’s catchpits and outside. The disregard of strict compliance with the operating instructions and inadapted equipment is to blame. While the fuel did not reach the canal, the Inspectorate noted that the company was in violation for the disregard of the operating conditions and requested that preventive and protection measures be implemented.

An accident had occurred on another site of the operator 1.5 km away on 22/08 (ARIA 26982).

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