On the 2nd basement level of a factory in an urban area mixing and packaging aerosols, a stock of boxed supplies stored on pallets ignited. The presence of smoke and heat complicated the emergency response. An ensuing explosion slightly injured 4 fire-fighters, while 25 others suffered from gas inhalation and had to be hospitalised (2 of whom stayed the day). Toxic fumes led to evacuating nearby 59 dwellings. A forklift driver, who sustained slight burns during the incident, noticed a flame ignite under his vehicle (due perhaps to a dropped and crushed aerosol canister, leading to gas ignition?) before the fire inflamed the atmosphere and quickly spread on the premises. Aerosol canisters returned by customers subsequent to a seal break might have caused this accident. The extinction water contained in the site’s retention basins was evacuated by tanker trucks. The forklift was inappropriate for this use. The oversight agency cited several infractions. Plant activity was suspended several months in order to modify and bring installations into compliance. 18 months later, the company and its director were respectively fined 300,000 francs (200,000 of which were suspended) and 80,000 francs (20,000 suspended). The facility was also ordered to donate 20,000 francs in damages and interest to a defence association and a token contribution to a trade union.

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