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Delivery Of Hazardous Material By Tank Truck

Delivery of hazardous material by tank truck

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While the delivery of hazardous materials by means of road transport onto an industrial site constitutes a relatively commonplace operation, all too often it leads to overly taxing the onsite reception capacities. In addition to generating economic losses, these discharges[...]
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Leak On A Kerosene Pipeline

Leak on a kerosene pipeline

  • Accident report
A kerosene leak (A1 jet category) was detected on a pipeline (nominal diameter DN: 108, pressure: 13.8 bar, operational since: 1942) connecting a refinery to a storage area outside the oil platform site. The quantity of lost product was estimated[...]
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Explosion Of A Truck Of Explosives

Explosion of a truck of explosives

  • Accident report
At 9:45 am, a vehicle transporting nearly 800 kg of explosives exploded while making a U-turn on a company's premises within an industrial park where it had taken a wrong turn. The lorry, specially equipped to transport up to 5[...]
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