Inside a liquid CO2 production plant (containing purified natural CO2 stored at -30°C / 15 bar), one of the 4 vertical storage columns undergoing filling exploded in a BLEVE-type accident. Due to the domino effect, a 2nd storage column exploded (also categorised as a BLEVE) and a 3rd column was blasted into the laboratory 30 m away, killing 5 employees on the spot. The projectiles related to these 2 BLEVE explosions were responsible for 4 other deaths. Injuries were reported as far as 150 m, including 15 in serious condition (trauma and deep frostbite). Large-sized fragments were projected up to 400 m; 2 such fragments weighing 2.8 tonnes and 1 tonne were found at distances of 150 m and 250 m, respectively. The likely cause of this explosion was an overfilling condition due to a frozen level detector (freezing of water not completely extracted from the CO2). Moreover, the component material of the 2 exploded tanks was not adapted to low-temperature applications.