Rolling at approx. 16 km/hr in a marshalling yard, a tanker car (90% full) carrying 231 t of liquid CO2 (-15°C, 7 bar) exploded, though its safety valve remained open. According to various witness accounts, the BLEVE-type explosion had occurred slightly beforehand, i.e. just after this car had made contact with another group of railcars. One person was killed. The tanker chassis was folded into a “V” shape; 22 fragments, accounting for approx. 80% of the tank were projected over a wide range of directions, with angle ranges of 5°-20° and 65°-95° relative to the railcar direction. Some of the projectiles would be found over 360 m away; 3 empty cars positioned on 3 different tracks further down the line were overturned. An analysis of the fragments pointed to a brittle fracture as the cause of the tank’s failure.