During a violent storm, two low-intensity explosions involving two homes tool place in a crude oil refinery in the morning. Special teams were in place for rescue operations and put activity back on track in the morning after the fires were extinguished. At 1.30 pm, there was a violent explosion in the catalytic cracker section of the refinery. The noise was heard 15 km away. The impact uprooted an administrative building situated 200 m away from its foundations and a fireball was observed. 26 employees were hurt, 130 firemen were involved in rescue operations and three fire areas were maintained for 48 hours to ensure the safety of facilities. The 1st phase was linked to the rupture of a picking on a flare network capacity. An IT breakdown (lightning) during the re-start phase could have been the reason behind the main explosion. Losses were as high as 395 MF including 160 MF for internal material damage and 170 MF for operational losses.