Leak about 20 m3 of tar oil occurred after the rupture of the weld on the container of tar oil. Emergency response was in accordance with emergency planning. During the accident the neighborhood was bothered by bad smell. Causee of this accident is the main reason for reporting this case. Accident occurred immediately after startup technology after a three-week break. During the startup there was an immediate rise of pressure, resulting in increased tension of container walls, resulting to the rupture of the weld. The sharp increase of pressure in the container,containing tar oil at 135 degrees Celsius, was caused by pumping a certain amount of water that has been condensed in the pipe line. During maintenance, pipeline is cleaning by blowing of steam. Substances involved : tar oil, 25t
Lessons learned for part of SMS – Management of Maintenence

When planning maintenance procedures, there is the need to take into account all the properties of involved subtances and possible changes in local conditions.