Fenokol is a production unit dedicated to production of resole resin dedicated for wood-working industry and for production of
mineral sealing material. Phenol in a cistern container is heated to 50oC and consequently will be the outlet of the cistern
container connected by hose (part of truck outfit) with the pipe valve of the phenol tank. The phenol will be pressed out from
cistern container trough the pressurized air (max. 7 barr) through the hose and valve to a pump. There from is phenol pumped
into tank. In this case there was in the cistern container 21,44 tons of phenol. After start of tapping (approximately after 5
minutes), when was already pumped over 2,10 tons of phenol, came to a rupture of the hose and to a splashing to concrete
base, lorry and to the walls of the operating building. The loosed amount was approximately 12,78 tons. When the pressurized
air was stopped in the cistern stood about 6,56 tons of phenol.

All employees make acquaint with conclusions of the investigation and confirm it in writing. 2. To amend the safety
introductory instruction on accession condition, on risks, on using of protective means. 3. All transport operators make acquaint
with safety instruction and confirm it in writing. Prepare a list of enlightening persons – only for them is get in allowed. 4.
Ensure the translation of an entry form into all relevant languages. 5. Ensure if the staff off all entering trucks is aware with
safety instruction. 6. To update the plan of the safety training and complete it with information on possible
anomalies, risks, and how to eliminate them.