A manufacturer of vehicle exhaust systems was flooded with between 20 and 40 cm of water when the River Doubs overflowed its banks during the night. The night-shift workers were evacuated and the company’s entire staff were temporarily laid off. Production at one of its customers was also brought to a standstill due to a loss of power (ARIA 51017). Throughout the following night, firefighters pumped the flood water out of the company. Operations resumed two days later.

The operator plans to provide its employees with various equipment and gear so that they may respond quickly in case of another flood (extension leads, fans, boots, floor squeegees, generating sets, etc.). It has also directed that the following flood-response procedure be followed:

  • the lowest shelves in storage areas are to be cleared;
  • electrical components are to be placed in antistatic plastic bags;
  • computer hardware in the offices must be placed high up.

Drills are regularly conducted to allow workers to know how to respond (protect machinery and offices, relations with firefighters, etc.). Cement was poured along the walls to delay water seepage. Gully and manhole covers will be weighted to prevent them from being raised too quickly. Battery-powered tools will have to be kept charged and ready for use at all times in case of a power outage. Electrical retrofits, particularly power outlets mounted on ceilings instead of walls, are also planned.