Strong gusts from storm Leiv knocked over four empty stainless steel wine tanks that were connected together in pairs, sending them toppling onto a wine shed used for storing drinking alcohol at a distillery. Three of the tanks fell but balanced on the shed’s wall, while the fourth damaged the shed’s roof. None of the contents spilled out.

All four tanks were inoperable. The shed’s walls were not touched. Asbestos-cement panels, two twisted Z-sections, and a few insulation panels had to be replaced. The roof lost its 2-hour fire rating at the spot where the tanks fell. The three tanks in balance on the wall were taken away to prevent them falling to the ground. The anchorages of the other tanks in the same spot were checked and retightened.

The insurance company’s loss adjuster went to the site on 7 February. Work to restore the roof’s 2-hour fire rating took place on 31 May 2017 at the latest. The tank that was dented by the fall of the other nearby tank was filled with water. The pressure exerted by the water practically restored its initial shape. In addition, the water made it possible to assess the strength of the welds over time.

A specialist firm performed an analysis of the concrete of the foundations of the fallen tanks and an analysis of the wind loads in this spot. The findings were used to build foundations and install anchors suited to the replacement tanks. Additional anchorages buttressed by thicker brackets and longer anchor bolts were installed on the tanks that had not fallen over. The fire rating of the shed’s roof was restored. As a preventive measure, the distillery’s internal emergency plan was supplemented with a storm scenario. Now, when the storm alert level is at red, the doors of empty tanks must be locked and the tanks must be filled with 100 hl of water.