The driver of a rigid dumper was top-loading a stockpile of materials unsuitable for crushing. He reversed his vehicle onto the platform to dump the contents of the skip. At around 6:30 p.m., he reversed toward the embankment, crossed over the mound, and fell 7 m. The dumper landed on its roof. The 29-year-old operator was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries. The inspection authorities for classified facilities were informed. The injured operator recovered, but will be off the job for more than six months. The work inspection’s investigation found that:

  • the earth mound at the top of the western embankment was not sufficient to stop a vehicle dropping ;
  • the western embankment was slippery ;
  • the recovery of material at the bottom of the embankment led to sliding ;
  • the view from the platform contributed to difficulties in seeing properly ;
  • dust on the rear-view and side-view mirrors and reflections from the setting sun may have created glare ;
  • the driver was not wearing a seat belt, which is a compounding factor.