A titanium swarf fire broke out at around 8:30 a.m. at a company specialised in the surface treatment and cutting of metal parts. The fire was caused by sparks that landed in a wooden crate of a sawing machine while metal frames were being cut at an adjacent work station. Workers attempted to extinguish the flames, but the water extinguisher used was not appropriate for this type of fire. The crate of burning swarf was moved to a safe location outdoors and the fire was smothered using sand. The swarf was disposed of as waste by a specialised firm. According to the company, the fire was caused by lack of knowledge about fire hazards caused by titanium swarf and because the crate (which was open) was located too close to the other work station. The crate was replaced by a composite crate fitted with a lid that is kept closed when the crate is not in use. The water extinguishers were also replaced.