In a fireworks-producing firm subject to administrative approval, a series of explosions followed by fire occurred around 11:15 am within a fireworks facility dedicated to preparing and storing assembled fireworks. The 160-m² building used for this purpose housed fireworks (945 kg of explosive mass), cardboard boxes and tables. All 5 employees present evacuated the site; first responders installed a 100-m safety perimeter. Fire-fighters deployed 3 water nozzles at the scene.The building was on the verge of collapse; a backhoe tore a hole into one side of the building wall to allow extinguishing secondary ignition sources.

Patrols were conducted at night. No neighbouring structures had been compromised and no injuries reported. The operator eliminated the waste from this accident in accordance with current regulation.

“Misfired” fireworks, which were waste awaiting disposal after a show on 27/08, are thought to be the source of the explosion. Due to delays experienced in disposing of fireworks waste, the items had been stored in a building that was not designated for this purpose. The inspectorate also pointed out that the waste destruction zone did not provide for secure operations, i.e.: a damaged metal-frame structure, vegetation not removed, waste found in scattered places, ashes left outdoors. Site operations (outside of the depot) were suspended until refurbishment of both the damaged building and waste incineration zone. The operator was required to allocate a dedicated spot within the pyrotechnic zone for storing “misfired fireworks” safely (i.e. away from the other buildings, in accordance with storage rules).