Fire broke out around 2 am inside a coating plant for wide fabrics using emulsions made from polyurethane, acrylic and vinyl. The installation work had been stopped for the weekend (with all machinery being turned off) at the time of the incident. By the time fire-fighters arrived on the scene, the flames had already surpassed the roof of the building. Gas supply was cut, then the emergency teams sprinkled the buildings in order to save the administrative offices. The production building (5,000 m²) was consumed during the fire, since the primary materials present were cotton and textiles. Some 60 fire-fighters extinguished the blaze during the morning using 8 nozzles, 2 of which had been mounted on a ladder, and proceeded by clearing the premises. The offices were spared; 40 employees were made redundant. The extinction water combined with stormwater and ran off into the ONZON River, which empties into the FURAN (80% treated by the neighbouring water treatment plant).

The fire was accidental according to the press. Forensic investigators visited the site on Monday 15th March to identify causes. The classified facilities inspectorate requested from the operator a report on the causes of the accident, as well as the series of measures planned in order to prevent such an event from repeating. The operator was also requested to produce a full record indicating the elimination of wastes and residues involved in the fire.