During a major movement of munitions within the underground storage gallery, a certified forklift operator transported 2 torpedoes in logistics containers strapped one on the other using a front-loading forklift. After advancing 20 m in the gallery, he veered off course and touched the right wall. Alarmed by the sound, he braked suddenly, causing both containers to pivot from right to left, sliding on the forks and eventually falling. Noticing no visible shock, the warehouse attendant logged and transported the munitions without notifying his superiors. On 1st December, the maintenance workshop personnel discovered external scratches on the container, traces of torpedo impact inside and moreover observed that the straps securing the torpedo on its support cradles were broken at the level of the fastenings. The munitions however were not damaged.

Following analysis, the operator noted a lack of inclination on the forklift forks and loader. When the forks were wet, like on the day of the accident due to rain, the containers slid very easily from the vehicle. The operator recalled the handling guidelines to its forklift operators and analysed eventual revised procedures. The warehouse attendant was temporarily relieved of his managerial duties for not having reported dropping the pyrotechnic product as required by protocol.