Pentrite residue mixed with earth caused a violent explosion during destruction by means of blasting. A 60-kg bag of waste, stemming from the operation of scraping a sump used to collect pentrite dryer water, was blasted using a detonating cord. The cord explosion opened the bag and spread the fouled earth over the ground. The second test caused a strong detonation, with a strong blast effect and debris being splattered. A 2-m diameter, 75-cm deep crater was formed in the sandy soil of the firing range.

No injuries were reported. The neighbouring installations were damaged however (roofs made of asbestos cement were perforated by the projections and oily canvases and plastic panes were shaken due to the blast).

The quantity of secondary explosive mixed with earth would have been poorly estimated. Experts recalled the importance of possessing good knowledge of the quantities of material scheduled for destruction so as to respect the test rating of the installations. Should a doubt arise, the material undergoing destruction would need to be split into smaller batches.