On 4th June, 2007 at around 8:30 am, a heavy goods lorry driver sounded the alarm upon observing an iridescence of the water in the gutter along the road leading to the port. The channel contained 5 pipelines, 4 of which were for hydrocarbons, connecting the wharf to the hydrocarbon depot. The depot operator was alerted. The spilled product was diesel. The 492-m long carbon steel pipe, in operation since 1985, was filled with water; oleophilic tubes were put in place to isolate the polluted water and limit flow into the sea. The area was marked and access prohibited. The explosiveness measurements carried out turned out to be negative. During the late afternoon, 8 m³ of the product were pumped. The sea no longer showed any trace of hydrocarbons. The inspection service certified by the operator intervened on 5th June, 2007. The line was raised. External corrosion located on a weld seam was due to a defect in the external finish. Temporary repair works were carried out by installing a steel sleeve welded to the pipe.