In a railway yard depot, fire broke out at 5:40 am on a locomotive and maintenance wagon containing: four oxygen (B50) and acetylene cylinders, three drums of fuel (petrol and diesel), two hydraulic units, a generating unit, fats and oils, and wood (braces and wagon finishes). The emergency services and railway company evacuated the area and set up a safety perimeter. Fire-fighters brought the fire under control after 1 hour with four water cannons; they cut the overhead lines and carried out an inspection using a thermal camera. Two oxygen cylinders and one acetylene cylinder were found empty and without pressure reducing valves, and the second acetylene cylinder which was full and hot (60°C) was leaking from the tap. The empty cylinders were evacuated. The non-sealed cylinder was cooled by immersion in a watertight container for about 20 hours before being moved the next day; a surveillance patrol was set up for the night. Degassing of the submerged acetylene cylinder was carried out in a new area that was marked off. Activity at the depot was allowed to resume after the area had been secured and the staff informed of the risks associated with this type of cylinder. The burnt wagon was removed and a nearby derailed TER train placed back on the rails. A short circuit in a electrical cabinet was the cause of this fire.