Inside an upper-tier SEVESO-rated facility for storing over-nitrated fertilisers, fire broke out around 5:30 am on a 21-tonne external storage cell containing pallets of plastic film rolls. Flames spread to the roof of a building housing seeds and corn; in falling onto bags of products, incandescent roof debris extended the fire inside the building. The structure’s metal posts twisted from the heat, causing thick black smoke. Notified by passers-by, fire-fighters deployed major resources in bringing the blaze under control after an hour-long battle. During the emergency intervention, gendarmes placed a safety perimeter around the site, while stopping traffic on the adjacent ring road. Property damage was estimated at €455,000, including €250,000 for building repairs. Though the site was entirely enclosed by a 2.4-m high grating, this accident may have been due to malicious intent, according to initial police investigation findings.