A fire broke out at 10:30 am in a boiler manufacturing factory in the insulation of a thermal treatment tunnel for epoxy powder coated parts. The company’s emergency procedure was activated; staff were evacuated, and gas and electricity supplies were turned off. In-house fire-fighters intervened using the first aid hose system, and the public emergency services and french military police arrived on the scene at 10:40 am. The traffic on the road alongside the plant was stopped and a 150 m safety perimeter was set up given the presence of various flammable liquefied gases on the site (propane, welding gas, etc.). Upon their arrival at 11:40 am, the inspection authorities for classified facilities noted that the fire was under control.

There were no casualties and property damage was limited. The installation resumed operation on 4 p.m. on the same day following the replacement of the damaged glass wool insulation and a general inspection of the equipment. The fire extinguishing water was contained in the buildings.

A build-up of dust in the insulation (original 18 year-old glass wool) had caused the fire. Following the accident, the operator plans to replace all of the glass wool in the tunnel and establish a procedure for monitoring the condition of the insulation.