An electrical fire started on an extraction fan dedicated to vapours released by the pressing and hot polymerisation of fibreboards. Located on the façade and underneath the roof, this equipment is used to gradually set the fibres and glue, which helped spread the flames onto the roof of the building. The fire was rapidly contained thanks to the technician following a procedure established after two similar accidents in 1996 and 2000): deluging the press in order to cool it, pressurising the fire network to 14 bar, shutting off the fans on the press and calling the fire brigade. The public emergency services extinguished the residual fires located in the structure of the press hood by connecting their equipment to the workshop’s wet standpipe. Property damage was estimated at €100,000 (electric cables, roof elements and smoke extraction vents destroyed; electronic equipment damaged by the fire extinguishing water). The board manufacturing workshop resumed business 36 hours later, after cleaning. The operator has replaced the press hood fans with IP65 class fans.