In a rubber warehouse, a fire broke out in a 30-m2 storage room for raw materials used to manufacture shoe soles. Three employees noticed smoke escaping from the room and quickly responded with powder extinguishers. Fire-fighters arrived on-site 20 min after the outbreak and sprinkled both the ignited material and the building’s wood frame with 3000 litres of water. The combusted elastomers were spread outside the room on an asphalted zone to be extinguished. The building’s electricity supply was cut. The fire did not cause any casualties, just the 3 employees battling the blaze were slightly irritated by the smoke. No pollution of the natural environment due to extinction water was observed. The storm drain network, connected to a lagoon prior to discharge into the FONTS stream, was blocked once fire-fighters arrived. Extinction water remained confined inside the room and was removed as waste according to a specific protocol. Given the seal on surfaces adjacent to the room of the outbreak (tar-covered corridors throughout practically the entire factory), the probability of ground pollution was extremely low.