Stored in a freight transfer zone at the port, two 40′ containers (each approx. 12 m) carrying fireworks and explosives detonated. 18 people were killed, including 3 children on their way home from school; another 40 some people were injured, almost all of whom employees at the freight transfer centre or other schoolchildren. The majority of victims were hospitalised in critical condition. The windows on tens of buildings were shattered to pieces. Flames originating from the containers rose to heights of 100 m, according to witnesses. The outside walls of a dozen homes, a private school as well as several other containers were severely damaged. Explosion debris was strewn throughout the transfer zone, extending to neighbouring parcels and the railroad. The population was noticed reacting in panic when the explosions struck the port zone. Subsequent to this accident, all shopping centres, shops and banks were temporarily closed, in a sign of mourning. According to the investigation’s initial findings, the freight shipped from China had been listed as plastic toys. Cargo unloading was underway at the time of the blast, and the containers had just been transferred dockside under the supervision of a customer service inspector, who also perished in the accident. The cause was not known, but the country’s senior authorities requested conducting a high-priority investigation.