The OUED MALEH dam overflowed following continuous torrential showers that lasted several days and flooded the facilities of a refinery located in the heart of the port of Mohammedia. The site’s production was stopped around 4.00 pm due to the water level that rose to as high as 1m at a site in the facility. A violent fire ensued, as well as several explosions of tanks, electrical equipment (transformers) and pipes. At around 8.00 pm, two fire areas still persisted in the gas and crude oil sectors of the refinery. The fire was extinguished after 20 hours of struggle under difficult conditions and required considerable human and material resources: 3.5 million m³ of water, 30 tonnes of chemicals (foam compounds, etc.). Two persons died and four were injured despite the contradictory information published on human causalities. Significant material damage resulting from the accident led to the closing of the refinery and suspension of all activities. A crisis unit chaired by the Moroccan Home Secretary was set up. France dispatched a technical operations team in the days following the accident. 17 other industrial units were damaged by the floods. Based on the initial findings of the conducted surveys, the roof of one of the storage tanks had given in and another had cracked during the rainstorms. Petroleum products possibly flowed into the tanks and were mixed with the flood water. The hydrocarbons floating on the water surface caught fire upon contact with the high-temperature installations. This explains how fires were triggered in the various fire areas and that were fuelled by short circuits due to flooding of the facilities.