Gas leaked from a 32 mm diameter polyethylene pipeline at a pressure of 3.9 bars and connected to a steel tube with a 100 mm diameter. While excavating the pavement on the public road, the earthmoving machinery lifted and then folded the steel pipe on causing the polyethylene tube to be ripped out. The company had not made a request for the DICT (formal Start of Works Notification). The company was a working in the capacity of a sub-contractor for another company. The technical gas department arrived onsite. The emergency services established a safety perimeter. Road traffic was prohibited in the district. Electricity and gas supply were cut off. Ten detached homes were evacuated and the families moved to a community hall during the time taken to clog the leak. The leak was partially sealed 2 hours and 20 minutes after the alert was sounded and fully sealed after 6 hours and 25 minutes. The fire-fighters used nozzles (including 2 that set up a fan-shaped water curtain) to set up water curtains to disperse the gas cloud.

The technical gas department demanded compensation from the company. Since accidents had already occurred in the past, the company was also asked to train its employees and analyse the various accidents occurred.