At a petrol station, an incipient fire starts in the transfer tube of a tank truck during an initial tank filling operation. The station operator attempts to stop the leak flowing toward the sewer, then calls the firemen who put out the fire in the transfer pit. The truck driver is treated at the hospital for minor injuries on his hands and arms. The customers and staff of the supermarket are evacuated. A safety barrier is set up. There is major property damage: damage to the truck tank, and destroyed transfer stations. According to local authorities, no pollution is found. The inspectorate recommends various measures to the prefect: an emergency action plan requiring a new declaration as a condition for resuming operations, and requiring an accident report and analysis of the installation by a super expert. The exact causes are not determined, but the accident appears to be due to the discharge of fuel from the tank truck to the transfer pit, followed by ignition of these fuel vapours.