In a refinery, a 43,000 m³ tank containing 24,000 m³ of petrol was struck by lightning and ignited. The refinery was already amidst a crisis when the incident occurred. On the previous day, the site experienced very heavy rains. Under the weight of the rainwater, the floating roof of one of the tanks gave in and was covered with 15 cm of petrol. The staff was draining the tank when the thunderstorm started. Lightning struck the tank and ignited the petrol floating on the surface. The tank was drained and foam was used to cover and extinguish the fire. If this did not work, an alternative strategy that consisted in letting the petrol burn while protecting the neighbouring tanks and especially the two butane tanks was ready to be deployed. The staff not involved in the rescue operations was evacuated from the sight as a precautionary measure. Residents were asked to stay indoors.