In an oil depot, lightning struck a 58 m X 16 m fixed roof tank no. 413 that was almost fully filled with gas oil. The roof of the tank exploded and the projected fragments helped the fire spread to a petrol tank no. 115 with a 33 m diameter. The rescue team cooled the neighbouring butane-butene tank and tank no. 312. The latter caught fire at around 4.00 am. In the morning, the fire-fighters fought the flames on the surface of the tank no. 115 with foam: the fire was brought under control at around 1.00 pm. The following morning at around 2.25 am, the firemen injected foam into the base of the tank no. 413, the rate of injection had to be reduced due to the cavitation in either of the pumps but the fire was brought under control in about 15 min and nearly extinguished in 1h30. A few fragments of the roof that had fallen inside the tank formed a few fiery pockets. The tank ignited again due to the lack of foam compound. The second round of attack with foam injections at the foot of the tank and spraying on the surface fire started around 6.00 pm. The fire was put out at 10.30 pm.