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Lettre D’information Du BARPI N° 55 – Novembre/décembre 2018

Lettre d’information du BARPI N° 55 – novembre/décembre 2018

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Au programme de la lettre d'information N° 55 - novembre/décembre 2018 du BARPI : Zoom - Manipulation dangereuse avec un chariot élévateur Synthèse - Méthanisation : comment développer la filière sans développer les risques? Synthèse - Circuits mal positionnés : un risque à supprimer Fiche détaillée - Clou qui racle appelle le feu... Fiche détaillée - Un REX indispensable suite à une série de défaillances techniques Film- Fuite de gaz en direct ! Read more
Feedback On The Flooding Of Industrial Sites In January 2018 In The Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Region (France)

Feedback on the flooding of industrial sites in January 2018 in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region (France)

  • Study
At the end of January 2018, the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region (BFC) suffered numerous episodes of intense rainfall and floods. The storm Eleanor was indeed, according to Meteo-France, accompanied the 4 and 5 of January of rainy precipitations and important snow on the east of France. These weather events have not been without impact on industrial facilities. Summarizing the results of the questionnaires received by the DREAL Bourgogne-Franche-Comté from the operators concerned, this document summarizes some elements of feedback.Read more
Conveyor Belt Fires: Are The Standards Being Met?

Conveyor belt fires: Are the standards being met?

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Conveyor belts used to handle organic materials must meet standards defined by various French ministerial orders .These texts indicate that conveyor belts must comply with standard NF EN ISO 340 or standards NF EN 12881-1 and NF EN 12881-2 (self-extinguishing or flame-retardant conveyor belts). While these types of accident had seemed to have disappeared, in recent years there have been several occurrences. Are the standards always being met?Read more
Used Lithium Batteries Are Not Ordinary Waste!

Used lithium batteries are not ordinary waste!

  • Flash
The performance of lithium batteries and storage cells has expanded their areas of technical application (telephony, computers, electric vehicles, rechargeable hybrids and electric bicycles). This development is now resulting in an increase in the number of batteries and storage cells at the end of their service life that must be processed or recycled. But lithium batteries and cells are not harmless objects: the high reactivity of the metal means that their use and processing/recycling, present risks. This is illustrated by the following flash, [...]Read more
Meteorological Events Of Early 2018 In France

Meteorological events of early 2018 in France

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Without trying to predict the weather for late 2018 and the seasonal storms in the Cévennes of south-central France, we note that the first half of the year was marked by a number of floods impacting factories in France. In addition to the economic consequences (water damage, production stoppage, a period of technical unemployment for the employees, etc.) often observed in such circumstances, environmental damage was also reported.Read more
Lettre D’information Du BARPI N° 54 – Septembre/octobre 2018

Lettre d’information du BARPI N° 54 – septembre/octobre 2018

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Au programme de la lettre d'information N° 53 - juillet/août 2018 du BARPI : Zoom - Un accident tristement marquant pour le secteur des silos Inventaire des accidents technologiques survenus en 2017 Flash ARIA - Feux de bandes transporteuses : les normes sont-elles respectées? Fiche détaillée - Endommagement d'un pont à la suite d'une fuite de gaz Fiche détaillée - Gestion de l'inondation d'un site Seveso Vidéo - Inondation : comment anticiper la montée des eaux?Read more
Methanization: How Can The Sector Be Developed Without Increasing The Risks?

Methanization: how can the sector be developed without increasing the risks?

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Methanization is one of the key technologies of the circular economy and green growth. Within the framework of the Energy Transition Act, France has set itself the target of ensuring that 10% of the gas it consumes will originate from renewable sources by 2030. The development of methanization is one of the main levers to achieve this objective. The sector is expanding rapidly with 80 additional installations and the doubling of the production of biomethane injected into the natural gas networks in 2017. To achieve the objective by 2030, the Re [...]Read more
Accidents Related To Incorrect Circuit Positioning

Accidents related to incorrect circuit positioning

  • Study
Fluid transfer is a common industrial operation. However, the incorrect positioning of transfer circuit during such operations, also referred to as poor alignment, is the cause of many accidents. This study, based on 372 events in the ARIA database, presents their characteristics and lessons learnt.Read more
Lettre D’information Du BARPI N° 53 – Juillet/août 2018

Lettre d’information du BARPI N° 53 – juillet/août 2018

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Contenu de la lettre d'information N° 53 - juillet/août 2018 du BARPI : Zoom - Explosion de four sur un site à déclaration ; Fiche détaillée - Douloureux lendemain de Noël en Alsace ; Flash ARIA - Bouteilles mobiles d’acétylène : danger ! Séminaire IMPEL - Retour d’expérience sur accidents industriels 2019 ; Diaporama - Incendie de tas de copeaux de bois ; Archives de l’INA - Le mystère du geyser de pétrole brutRead more
Mobile Acetylene Cylinders : Hazard Potential Not To Be Underestimated!

Mobile acetylene cylinders : Hazard potential not to be underestimated!

  • Flash
Mobile acetylene cylinders are present in all sectors of activity owing to their common use on welding machines. Even if they look like risk free, these cylinders are real hazard potential ! Five major accidents in France since the beginning of 2018 drive us to remind to users and owners the risks associated to these cylinders.Read more