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Small Or Big Changes, Not Managing Them Can Be Risky!

Small or big changes, not managing them can be risky!

  • Press article
All industrial activity can be expected to undergo changes, to varying degrees, throughout its life cycle, especially to maintain its efficiency. These changes often come with the development of new processes, an increase in the level of safety, regulatory modifications, etc., and although these factors may contribute to progress, they also represent a risk for the organisations involved. The ARIA database contains many examples resulting from such situations. This article has been published in Loss Prevention Bulletin (issue Nr. 267, June 201 [...]Read more
Are Visual Diagnostics Enough To Anticipate Concrete Cell Ruptures?

Are visual diagnostics enough to anticipate concrete cell ruptures?

  • Flash
This ARIA newsflash lists the causes of the various cases of collapse and rupture of silos compiled in the ARIA accidentology database. It reminds the appropriate questions to ask and the guides available to avoid collapses of concrete cells. As the visual checks are not sufficient, the complementary techniques to be considered are also presented.Read more
Newsletter Nr 11 – First Semester 2019

Newsletter Nr 11 – First semester 2019

  • Lettre d´information
Content of newsletter Nr 11 (First semester 2019) : 13th IMPEL seminar “Lessons learnt from industrial accidents” Flash ARIA - How to grow methanization activity without increasing the risk? Flash ARIA - Forklift trucks: Beware, risky manoeuvres ! Synthesis - Misaligned circuits: a risk to be eradicated! Accident Report - Loss of control of an exothermic chemical reaction MAHB - Lessons learned bulletinRead more
Proceedings Of The 13th IMPEL Seminar “Lessons Learnt From Industrial Accidents” (2019)

Proceedings of the 13th IMPEL seminar “Lessons Learnt from Industrial Accidents” (2019)

  • Study
Since its creation in 1999, the seminar on “Lessons Learnt from Industrial Accidents” is organized every two years by the BARPI. This event is devoted to inspectors of the environment. It is organized with the support of the European Union Network for the Implementation and Enforcement of Environmental Law (IMPEL). Find here the proceedings of the latest edition, which took place in Rennes on 22th and 23rd May 2017.Read more

Safe subcontracting

  • Fact sheet
Supply of skills, cost reduction, and flexibility… Subcontracting offers a whole range of advantages which manufacturers are eager to seize: 74% of them make use of subcontracting, according to the French statistics board (INSEE). Subcontracting is an integral part of a company's life cycle from its creation, during construction, operation and all the way to dismantling. It is therefore not surprising that subcontractors were involved in 10% of the accidents which occurred between 2015 and 2018 in Installations Classified for the Protection of [...]Read more

Preventing multiple failures

  • Fact sheet
Since 2016, 25% of accidents in ICPEs (classified facilities for environmental protection requiring authorisation or registration), impacting people and property, have been caused by multiple failures involving equipment faults or human interventions. Most initial post-accident verifications focus on the incriminated system: did it function as intended and were the necessary human actions taken? One failure is already one too many; this is all the more true for multiple failures. It is therefore important to know how to analyse cases of multipl [...]Read more
Controlling New Risks

Controlling new risks

  • Fact sheet
According to the French Federation of Insurers, climate change, disruption of business sectors and cyber risks will be among the top three emerging risks by 2022. In parallel, the ARIA technological accidents database already contains numerous events involving emerging energy sectors. What are these new risks and can they be controlled?Read more

After the disturbances identification, what about the root causes?

  • Fact sheet
Every year, Bureau for analysis of industrial risks and pollution (BARPI) records in its technological accidents database ARIA between 800 and 1 100 events that have occurred at classified facilities for environmental protection. A look at the past three years shows that 65% of events involved at least one disruption and only 30% involved at least one cause. Identifying causes is essential to define efficient measures that will prevent future accidents occurring. These findings show that there is still much progress to be made in understanding [...]Read more
Industrial Cybersecurity: Scope And Past Accidents

Industrial cybersecurity: scope and past accidents

  • Flash
More and more plants and factories are being automated and the amount of information being transmitted over telecommunication networks is increasing. The general consensus is that there is a risk. However, is it possible to delineate this risk and evaluate its consequences — particularly its environmental consequences — by analysing the events logged in ARIA’s database? For an answer, download this flash.Read more


  • Accident
  • ARIA 53211
The summary of this accident has not yet been translated. In the meantime, please refer to the French summary :

Peu après 15 h, un feu de détritus à l'extérieur d'une entreprise de réparation de palettes se propage vers les stocks de palettes entreposées à côté. Un fort vent a transporté une braise sur le stockage. Les pompiers maîtrisent le sinistre vers 16h30 à l'aide de 4 lances. Après extinction à 18 h, une ronde de surveillance est mise en place jusqu'à 21 h. L'incendie brûle 5 000 des 20 000 palettes présentes. Un pompier a é [...]

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